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Good is not perfect

Any topics that are primarily about humanism or other non-religious life stances fit in here.
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Good is not perfect

#1 Post by wgusapukc » October 18th, 2018, 7:13 pm

Hello Everyone,
I fancy myself poetic, but I know this is relative. I put my thoughts about what I see as the bigger picture within some pretty big and currently important issues in poem form. If you've got it in you give it a read I think you can find my philosophy is there rhyming away. I happily accept comments and advice. Please and let me know any thoughts.

Good is not perfect by Robert Peters

You've gotta weigh the good with the bad
cause perfection's something we've never had

Deification is an indication perfection's been found
But fallibility is as Human as only 2 feet on the ground
Any investigation into anyone, deep or even slight
Will quickly bring our obvious faults into public light

Black and white are only colors and nothing near reality
Look with more than a quick glance, it is there to see
The acceptance of a conscience view "all is simply gray"
Would eradicate the obvious need to keep all "others" at bay

We are fallible for as Humans we can be nothing but
But saying "I am not perfect, sorry" is only part of the cut
"To error is Human" but what makes us profoundly more
Is our ability to learn and help those we've put on the floor

None of us are anywhere near an ethical or moral constancy
But that beautiful brain easily can reduce this inconsistency
See yourself and those around with a knowing and not critical eye
Don't look for perfection, but for a compassionate, ethical try

If someone comes forward stating "blood on your hands"
Don't cower and attack but listen to where they stand
Know that what to you could have been an insignificant episode
To them it may well be what takes them completely off the road

Compassion is an essential need, we're not out there alone
A misstep or the most heinous act is a reality in the Human zone
Beyond a need to protect and defend at any and all cost
Is an examination of how to never again get so morally lost

Black and white is a lower brain need of a lower brain "ok"
Us and them, right and wrong, only show on which drums you play
Don't live within such limitations distorting opinions and views
That lump in your Brainbox evolved not for don'ts but for dos.

Examine the gray around you evaluating its depth and hue
Those who're not "above or below" but around are exactly like you
They've done the stupidity that comes with our bipedalism
Did they learn from their missteps, as an ethical, moral Human?
Or did they beat that "us and them", un-evolved drum?

Good luck out there
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