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Is God evil or imaginary?

For topics that are more about faith, religion and religious organisations than anything else.
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Is God evil or imaginary

1. Evil
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2. Imaginary
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Is God evil or imaginary?

#1 Post by Compassionist » January 25th, 2020, 7:23 pm

We live in an evil world where the evil prosper and the innocent perish. I define good as anyone and anything that helps anyone and anything. I define evil as anyone and anything that harms anyone and anything. By these definitions, everyone and everything is a mixture of good and evil. Some are more good than evil while others are more evil than good. "Might is right. Adapt or die." That's the only rule of reality. Just study the last 4 billion years of history to see that my conclusion is based entirely on evidence. 99.9% of all species to ever exist on Earth are already extinct. We are in the middle of a human-caused sixth mass extinction which may kill the remaining 0.1% of all the species. I wish life was fair for all and free from suffering and death but I can't make it so. Please see: ... death_toll ... death_toll

Please see and and

Given the evil world we live in and the evil verses in the Bible, the Biblical God is either evil or imaginary. What do you believe? What is the basis for your belief?

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