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Looking for answers to my questions

For topics that are more about faith, religion and religious organisations than anything else.
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Looking for answers to my questions

#1 Post by Compassionist » May 23rd, 2021, 2:02 pm

Thank you for reading my post. I am looking for reliable answers to the following questions:

1. How can we know that anything is true?
2. What is the best method to know something is true?
3. If God is real and good, why didn't God prevent all suffering, unfairness and deaths by making all living things equally all-loving, all-knowing and all-powerful?
4. If God is real and good, why is the Bible full of God's atrocities? and
5. How do I know that you and all other living things except me are not philosophical zombies?
6. How do I know solipsism is true or false?
7. How do I know that I am or am not living in a simulation?
8. How can living things have free will given the determining effects of our genes, environments, nutrients and experiences?
9. Are all of the choices made by living things the inevitable outcome of the unique interactions between their genes, environments, nutrients and experiences?
10. If all our choices are inevitable, then, how can we be responsible for making them?
11. How can it be right to reward or punish an organism for making inevitable choices?
12. If God is all-knowing and all-powerful, does that make God omniculpable?
13. If God is omniculpable, how should God punish God?
14. The Bible claims God predestined our lives If that is true, then, how is it fair of God to send some to Heaven and some to Hell?
15. Christians believe that humans are immortal souls who go to either Heaven or Hell depending on whether we have accepted Jesus as our Saviour or not. How do we know that we are immortal souls?
16. Are non-human organisms immortal souls also?
17. How do we know which organisms are immortal souls and which are not?
18. According to Hinduism, the world of our sensory perception is an illusion. How can we know if this is true or false?
19. C. S. Lewis claimed in "Mere Christianity" that Jesus is either a liar or a lunatic or the Lord. There is a fourth option - Jesus is a fictional character. How can I prove that Jesus was what the Bible claims?
20. Who wrote each of the books of the Bible?
21. How do we know who wrote each of the books of the Bible?
22. When were each of the books of the Bible written?
23. How do we know when each of the books of the Bible was written?
24. Why does the Catholic Bible differ from the Protestant Bible?
25. According to Jainism, there is no Creator God. Jains believe in not harming sentient beings and are therefore either strict vegetarian or vegan. Jainism is much more peaceful than Christianity. Jains have never colonised and enslaved and mass murdered and mass converted many people the way Christians and Muslims did. How can anyone defend Christianity or Islam to be more ethical than Jainism?
26. I want all living things to exist without consuming anything. As I am not all-powerful, I can't make this happen. Why would a good God create living things that kill and consume other sentient and non-sentient living things?
27. Scientists estimate that 99.9% of all the species to evolve so far on Earth are already extinct. Why didn't God save all these species?
28. Jesus said, "Very truly I tell you, whoever believes in me will do the works I have been doing, and they will do even greater things than these, because I am going to the Father." - John 14:12, The Bible (New International Verson). If the Bible is true, then Christians should be resurrecting the dead, turning water to wine, calming storms, healing the sick, etc. Why don't Christians do even greater works than Jesus?
29. Why hasn't Jesus returned yet?
30. Why doesn't God directly communicate with all of us publicly and incontrovertibly? This would prevent all the conflicts between the followers of different denominations and different religions in terms of establishing the existence and nature and wishes of God so I don't understand why God doesn't do it all the time.
31. Hinduism claims that living things are immortal souls that reincarnate based on karma earned through actions and inactions in a past life. How do I know if this is true or false?
32. Do non-human sentient organisms go to Heaven or Hell?
33. Do non-human non-sentient organisms go to Heaven or Hell?
34. What determines who goes to Heaven or Hell?
35. How do we know that Heaven and Hell exist?
36. How can I trust the Bible given all the inaccuracies and contradictions?

Posts: 3532
Joined: July 14th, 2007, 8:38 am

Re: Looking for answers to my questions

#2 Post by Compassionist » May 23rd, 2021, 4:06 pm

37. Different countries have different laws. How do I know which laws are ethical and which are unethical?
38. How do I know what is morally right and what is morally wrong?

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