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About Think Humanism

The Think Humanism forum is a humanist forum based in the UK that welcomes anyone from anywhere in the world who is interested in humanism, secularism and freethought, regardless of their personal world view. If you think might be interested in joining this humanist discussion forum, please enter here and read the rules before registering. All members are requested to make at least one post.

If you have any questions, please contact us.

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About Think Humanism

#1 Post by ThinkHumanism » August 21st, 2007, 4:32 pm


Think Humanism was launched in July 2007 as an independent forum for socialising and discussion and the exploration of ideas especially, but not exclusively, in relation to humanism, secularism and free thought. It is based in the UK but anyone from anywhere is welcome to join. The forum is privately owned and is not connected to any organisation but we aim to offer a stimulating and supportive environment to individuals who choose to live their lives without religion; to promote humanism, scepticism, free thought and secularism. People of all world views are welcome to participate in the discussions and general socialising that takes place at Think Humanism, including people of religious faith, but all users must abide by the rules, which are set out below.

These are the rules of the Think Humanism forum.

1. Once people have registered, they are required to post at least once. The accounts of people who have registered but have not posted will be deleted after a minimum of four months from their date of registering.
2. Users are only permitted to have one account.
3. No flaming (overly aggressive or insulting posts). Personal insults aimed at other users may be deleted.
4. No trolling (posting with the apparent intention of inciting hostility).
5. No spamming (posting what effectively amounts to advertising, eg of a publication or devoid of supporting content).
6. No flooding (excessive repetitive posts in rapid succession).
7. No preaching (repeated exhortation to accept unsupported ideas).
8. No plagiarising. If you use material written by someone else in a post, be sure to credit your source.
9. No libellous or defamatory posts or posts which may be in breach of UK criminal or civil law for any other reason.

Any post that is judged to be breaking the rules may be edited or deleted without notice. Please report any such post to the forum admin by clicking on the report button at the bottom right of each post.

The administrators reserve the right to edit or remove from view any other posts or to ban from the forum any member who breaks forum rules, if their banning is deemed necessary to ensure the forum fulfils its purpose of providing a friendly environment where free discussion can take place. This is the only circumstance in which an account will be deactivated. Accounts are not deactivated on the request of the account holder even if the account holder no longer wishes to make use of it.

The administrators reserve the right to amend these rules at any time. The administrators’ decision on any matters relating to the Think Humanism forum is final.

Promotion of humanist, secularist and freethought organisations and bloggers.

Please note that Think Humanism is privately-owned board, created and maintained entirely in the free time of the owners and at our own expense. We are pleased to support and help promote local and special interest humanist and secularist organisations or individual bloggers but in return, we expect some basic courtesies. These are the ways in which we support organisations and groups:

1. By publicising any such group on our list of useful organisations thread. Humanist groups with websites and individual bloggers are required to post this link: in return for a link to their website from this one.

2. Posters are welcome to publicise relevant news, events and campaigns from their humanist or secularist organisations in the Positive Humanism forum at Think Humanism. They may be copied (or moved) to other relevant forums at Think Humanism at the discretion of the site administrator. Posters may not start threads that are purely for publicity and promotion purposes on any other part of Think Humanism. Posting in an existing thread solely or largely to promote another organisation is also frowned upon and is likely to result in the post being split off and moved to another part of the forum, which is only visible to registered users and protected from internet search engines. Please note that this is more likely to happen when the organisations being promoted are doing nothing to support or promote Think Humanism in return.

On behalf of all members of Think Humanism, may I wish you an enjoyable time on our forum.

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These rules were last revised on 16.12.2019

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