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Why I Have not become a Teacher

For discussions related to education and educational institutions.
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Why I Have not become a Teacher

#1 Postby Daven » August 3rd, 2014, 6:27 pm


I have written a piece about education in the UK and why I have decided not to go into teaching. I believe my perspective is very closely aligned with the principles of humanism so I thought you guys would be interested. ... a-teacher/

Hope you're all well :)

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Re: Why I Have not become a Teacher

#2 Postby lewist » August 3rd, 2014, 7:22 pm

Hi, Daven! I used to be a primary teacher, now long retired. It was a job I enjoyed and I believe I had a good outlook on what I did. One of my quiet pleasures now is seeing former pupils who are now Facebook friends and how they are doing. Another is seeing the development of my two grand daughters, the elder of whom is about to start primary two. She is a bright cookie with an enquiring mind. I trust our system here to do well by her.

Can I respectfully point out that there is no such thing as 'UK' education? I would suggest you search for 'Curriculum for Excellence' and read about it. This uniquely Scottish approach was not constructed by ignorant Tory ministers on the back of a fag packet but by clever and dedicated educationalists, many of them practicing teachers, who had the good of children and society in mind, in broad consultation so they were more likely to get it right. It's not perfect, but it is better in keeping with the needs of children than you would normally find.

Have a look, and you may have your eyes opened about the nature of the UK. It's not one nation.
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Re: Why I Have not become a Teacher

#3 Postby Daven » August 3rd, 2014, 7:43 pm

Argh sorry, that was complacent of me. Thanks for the recommendation though, i'll look into it!

I wrote that piece over a year ago when I had only just finished my training. I was venting to some extent. The gist of what I say there is still accurate for where i'm at now, but i'm wanting to work perhaps more as an intervention officer or in a pupil referral unit.

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