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Critical thinking. Why is it important?

...on serious topics that don't fit anywhere else at present.
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John G
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Critical thinking. Why is it important?

#1 Post by John G » February 10th, 2016, 5:36 pm

Musings for the day as I am off to get my eye examined.

Critical thinking. Why is it important?

The human brain has a lot in common with a computer. It has storage, memories. It has a CPU, that part of the brain that we use to think with. Unlike a computer the CPU and the memory of a human are intermeshed. Computers have a serial nature. They process one instruction at a time. Human process in parallel. Not only in a logical way but in a weighted way. Fuzzy logic.

Our memories are stored in a neural net. We literally grow out ideas. Short term memory is an idea that has not taken hold in our brain. Repeat it often enough and the idea stays. It forms part of our background sea of possible thoughts.

It might be nice if logic alone could change this, let’s call it data. The weight of the data depends on how much you have invested in it. How much you have thought about it. If it could be changed by just logic alone then I think chaos would rule. New and better data and logic make for a better outcome.

Critical thinking is the virus checker for our ideas.

We get stuck in our ways. This seems to be an attribute of the old. Unless you exercise the brain. Challenge it with new ideas and tests of old ones. Otherwise you may become stuck.

Ever wonder why something annoys you? Not the specifics but the mechanism for the feeling.

Changing the way a human thinks can be a slow process. Unless of course you use a stick. :D

If it’s a new idea then it’s a blank piece of paper. If it’s an old idea it’s like erasing a piece of paper written in heavy pencil and then writing over it. If it's an old brain you may have problems finding a new clean page. :smile:

Worse, the pages maybe falling out of the book.
A good learner is forever walking the narrow path between blindness and hallucination. ― Pedro Domingos, The Master Algorithm

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