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What is your biggest regret?

Enter here to explore ethical issues and discuss the meaning and source of morality.
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What is your biggest regret?

#1 Post by Compassionist » December 26th, 2020, 11:46 pm

What is your biggest regret? I long to make the world free from all suffering, unfairness and deaths, but I lack the power to do so. My biggest regret is that I am not all-powerful. If I were all-powerful, I would have gone back in time and prevented all suffering, unfairness and deaths. If I were all-powerful, I would have made all living things equally all-loving, all-knowing and all-powerful and the owner of an infinite number of universes each. If I were all-powerful, all beings would be forever happy. As things stand now, all sentient biological organisms are doomed to suffer and die. No one is going to save us from suffering, unfairness, and deaths. I want to save and improve all lives, but I don't have the power to do so. I am so sad because of all the suffering, unfairness and deaths. I have postponed some deaths and improved some lives but that's not enough. If God is truly real and good, why didn't God prevent all suffering, unfairness and deaths? I think God is either evil and imaginary or evil and real. I can't decide which, so, I am agnostic regarding the existence and nature of God.

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